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We love the Woodstock Farmers Market! We are in a permanent location across the street from where our trailer was parked in the Market.
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NW Herald Readers Choice Best Veggie Dining

Thank you to our supporters who named us in the 2014 Best of the Fox Northwest Herald Readers' Choice Awards. Thanks to you, we are "The Best" Vegetarian Dining Experience in McHenry County!

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Lacto-ovo Vegetarians
People who do not eat fish, shellfish, poultry or meat of any kind but who do eat eggs and dairy products.

Lacto vegetarians
People who do not eat fish, poultry or meat products -- and who do not eat eggs -- but who do consume dairy products.

Ovo vegetarians
People who eat no fish, poultry, meat or dairy products but who do eat eggs.

People who do not eat fish, poultry, meat, eggs or dairy products and who do not eat or use products containing these ingredients.

Thank you Woodstock!

Mmmm...Our Falafel in Lebanese PitaWe have been in our little Cafe On the Square in Woodstock, Illinois, for more than five years!

During that time, we have grown exponentially, thanks to our wonderful customers. We are happy to bring you plant foods at a time when we are all, vegetarian, non-vegetarian and vegan, looking for delicious ways to eat more of them.

For several years you named us "One of the Best" in Vegetarian Dining in McHenry County in the Readers' Choice Awards of the Northwest Herald. This year you honored us by naming us "Best Vegetarian Dining"!

Yes, we always try to offer you good food and smiling faces, but there is something special about you, our customers! Woodstock is a unique place, a real community centered by the Square, and the support of this community has been the driving force behind our staying power. Woodstock, you inspire us. Thank you!

Visit our Facebook Page for pictures, but better yet -- visit us at 110 S. Johnson St. In the meantime, take a look at our menu!

Every Day at Expressly Leslie

Every day is Falafel Day at Expressly Yummm...Falafel!Leslie's! Our Falafel are gluten free as are most of our other foods. We offer nine salads every day, seven regular salads and two rotating salads. All are made fresh on-site. You can combine them in any way you'd like on a plate or in a pita pocket, with or without Falafel.

In addition, we offer three soups, including Red Lentil Soup and Veggie Chili as well as a Soup of the Day.

Our Soups of the Day and Daily Specials bring variety to the menu.

Twisted OmeletTwisted Omelets (wrapped in Lebanese pita), once a Special item, have been a huge hit, and are now part of our regular menu. Last year we introduced Veggie Sliders.

We like to say we are often vegan, always vegetarian, and always delicious! Many of our specials are vegan, and every Thursday, Vegan Thursday at our place, you can count on the Special and the Soup of the Day being vegan. You can get vegan food, tho, any day of the week.

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Be sure you sign onto our email list so you can keep up with all our news. We send twice weekly emails with the Soup Schedule and Daily Specials as well as who's performing Friday evening, special events and more. You can use the link in the left navigation column of this page, the link in my Facebook page -- or sign onto the list in the cafe.

We cater!

Remember us when you're planning your special event, office party or meeting. We are here to serve your catering needs with a Mid-East Feast, a Falafel Tray, a Roasted Veggie Tray or other vegetarian specialties.One of many possibilities for a Mideast Feast Tray

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Our hope for you

We hope you'll come away from the site wanting to Veggie Chiligo outside, look up, see the sky, breathe the air -- and wanting to live more in tune with this wonderful world -- that you'll want to celebrate life! As part of that, we hope you'll want to look for the kind of special, fresh, delicious, vegan and vegetarian food we provide. It can be hard to find in some locales! You may have to come to northern Illinois to look us up.

Investing in the Future

Join us as we do our share to take care of the environment. We use almost all recyclable or biodegradable disposables and carry-out containers! It is our investment in the future. Please help at your end by minimizing waste and handling it correctly. If you can do without a container or bag, please let us know.